Together & With

In Loving Memory:

I am not sure why my dearest friend had to die, without warning, on my birthday. Thankfully, he left me with three distinct guiding lights that significantly aided me in the difficult times ahead, and he also left us with a profound message of hope: May we be inspired to Walk Together and also to walk With God!

“But what good is God, so far removed as to be just a specialist, just another expert? For us, He is no less powerful for being that with which we can hope to know union. Not because we can reach so high, but because he can meet us in our humanity. We can meet each other in our common need and want. We can share with each other this truth: That as we live, we will die. But as we know life, we know thirst. We share that together. Rich or poor. High or low estate. We share a common base of need. Even our God shares It with us. If we ever hope to meet it, let us begin by recognizing it. And may all who come thirsting, be satisfied." 

Mr. Mark Wood  - June 28, 2017

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