Ashley Renee

Identity & Calling:

  • Once leaving the psychology practice she worked at beginning in 2009, Ashley opened and operated a solo by-donation counseling practice in the downtown of Toledo, Ohio. It was during that time that she also trained for her Court Appointed Parenting Coordinator role in Columbus, Ohio. One thing led to another and she is thrilled to have taken her work now solely online. Ashley is fully committed to walking in her true identity and calling in life, doing mental health work a bit differently than the rest! 

Mother of Two:

  • Plunge into the din of battle and keep your heart at the lotus feet of the Lord, says Anthony de Mello! Ashley is a divorced mother of two young children. God freed her, over time, from debilitating mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual sickness as she learned to embrace God’s truths and His healing presence and power. It was during those healing years that she had to also learn how to battle spiritual wars, fighting for her own peace and joy as well as her children’s health and wellbeing. She was born on June 28, 1985 and raised in and around the Toledo, Ohio area.

Water Walker:

  • God calls her His own & Reborn, just as Renee, her middle name given by her father, means! 
  • Her Texas mentor & friend calls her a Proton Believer!
  • Uncommon or unpopular as it is, Ashley seeks to be a Water Walker, knowing her survival and success in life rests on God alone and if she dare looks down, she'll surely drown. 


A Solo Mission:

  • When God began speaking to Ashley about the Reiki she had only just begun pursuing, it was like trying to put together a mysterious puzzle! Part of that puzzle ended up landing her in Hana, Maui, Hawaii alongside the world leader of Reiki. Another piece of that puzzle was learning to recognize God's voice while also learning what to do with prophetic dreams and other various revelations. Today, she passionately shares from a biblical perspective about Reiki on her Power of God site, highlighting what is truly important: embracing only God's resurrection power.

Love & Truth

  • Attending the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat (part of The Sacred Living Movement) was truly a treat! Ashley not only got to rub shoulders with some very wise, loving, talented mothers during that event but she also got to visit The Farm and meet one of its original pioneers, Pamela Hunt. Nonetheless, Ashley experienced firsthand how the replacement of God's truths with mere human understanding is futile. She writes on her Shoreline Safety site to encourage others in sound doctrine. 

A Real Life Moana:

  • Ashley found it sweet and amusing when she discovered God was speaking to her about the many layers of her life through Disney's beloved Moana! She has always known about God's saving grace, and at last she knows firsthand God's redeeming, restoring and renewing grace! 
  • Now in addition to Disney's Moana, some of Ashley’s "favorites" are End of the Spear & Father of Lights, freshly ground dark coffee, soulful music, silence & solitude, and a line she created that goes like this: “It’s called being human!”