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Until the Fall of 2013, Ashley was living a normal suburban life--married, working a professional job, and attending a Christian church. Then, God intervened. A string of surprises involving divine provisions, miracles and even physical healings has left her in wonder and has set her on a new path, in a brand new life. At last, she has learned how to walk with God and on the water. Readers are challenged in the areas of religion, relationships, and abortion as they too witness, secondhand, the wind of God's holy power in her life!

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Devotional Book:

  • Shoreline Safety: Staying Safe on the Shoreline of Life with the Truth of God’s Commands. Coming soon is Ashley Renee’s Shoreline Safety devotional (book) on how to stay safe on the shoreline of life with the truth of God’s commands. God’s commands are for us, for our protection and for our good, and Shoreline Safety creatively compiles different Scriptures together in a way that readers can understand how to regain, develop or else maintain key lifestyle principles such as love, joy, and peace.

Reiki Resource Guide

  • The Power of God (and the Truth About Reiki). Also coming soon is Ashley Renee’s Power of God (and The Truth About Reiki) book by which readers can not only gain an understanding of Reiki but can instead learn to recognize and embrace the power of the Holy Spirit.