When "Help!" is the Word

Schedule an Appointment

  • Contact Ashley to schedule a Facetime Appointment or Telephone call to get help with your crisis. 
  • Your appointment request accompanied by your donation will be honored. 
  • Ashley replies to appointment requests within 24 Hours.
  • Appointment days and times are flexible, usually including evenings and weekends, and times are based on Eastern Standard Time. 
  • Email Ashley at contact@ashley-renee.com, including "Appointment Request" in the subject line. Use the Donate page to first make your donation of your choice.

You're in Good Hands

  • Ashley has held a professional, state counseling license (ID# 0900228) in the state of Ohio since 2010 and has worked in a variety of mental health settings including a private psychology practice. She assumed a Court Appointed Parenting Coordinator role in Franklin County - Columbus, Ohio and is a trained Biblical Counselor. She is a gifted writer and counselor. She has a strong Christian education background dating back to the first grade and continuing through graduate school where she attended Liberty University in Virginia. She is trained in Family Life Education, Domestic Violence, Professional Mediation, and Parenting Coordination and values the ACE Study.

What is a Crisis?

Here are some crisis examples: 

  • Any situation or circumstance which threatens your physical safety or mental-emotional well-being
  • A sudden change in status, whether financial, familial, social or otherwise
  • Mental anguish that will not dissipate, despite your best efforts
  • Emotional despair that either interferes with your joy or leads you to relentless panic
  • Disorienting shock, perhaps over a tragedy or unexpected decision

Who Can Benefit?

Here are some examples:

  • Singles or Couples struggling with their child/children
  • Any teen struggling with his/her adult authority(ies)
  • Any individual struggling with addiction
  • Any "minority" encountering injustices such as harassment or rejection
  • Any individual struggling with rage or acts of violence against himself/herself or another